CoreTigo’s Transforming Wireless Technology Enables Adaptive Packaging Machines at PACK EXPO 2023

CoreTigo’s Transforming Wireless Technology Enables Adaptive Packaging Machines at PACK EXPO 2023
CoreTigo, the leading provider of Industrial Wireless Automation solutions, is set to showcase its cutting-edge industrial wireless automation solutions for packaging machines and intelligent conveying systems at PACK EXPO 2023. CoreTigo will be demonstrating the unique capabilities and new applications enabled by cable-grade industrial wireless connectivity in collaboration both with the Rotzinger group and Rockwell Automation.

As recently announced, together with CoreTigo, Rotzinger PharmaPack developed the ultimate packaging machine. At the heart of this groundbreaking innovation lies CoreTigo's expertise in wireless communication solutions. The collaboration with Rotzinger PharmaPack has resulted in an adaptive packaging machine that sets new standards in efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility.

The innovative adaptive packaging machine will be showcased through a video presentation at Rotzinger's booth (South Upper Hall — SU-7113 — Confectionery Pavilion). This state-of-the-art machine design brings several game-changing features to the table. An example of this machine's performance and the benefits arising from such technology can be found in the video:

In addition, CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless connectivity solutions will be demonstrated live at Rockwell Automation's booth (South Lower Hall — SL-6127). As a Rockwell Automation Technology Partner, CoreTigo has recently been honored with the Technology Partner of the Year 2023 EMEA award, further validating its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the industry.

There, CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless will be shown integrated into Rockwell’s iTrak Independent Cart Technology system, illustrating how this technology can be used for enhancing packaging machines and enabling high-speed automation functionalities that drive increased flexibility and throughput without tradeoffs.

Both demonstrations will also feature Vahle Group's (also a Rockwell Automation Technology Partner) inductive power solutions, elevating conveying systems to new heights of adaptability, flexibility, and speed. The introduction of Wireless & Contactless Communication on Conveying Systems and Transport Tracks opens doors to fully automated, innovative, sustainable, and competitive machine designs, revolutionizing packaging and other industries.

CoreTigo’s team will be on-site to meet visitors and discuss the key benefits and value for packaging experts:

-Reduced Changeover Time: The adaptive packaging machine seamlessly switches between different product and package types, significantly reducing changeover time and enhancing overall efficiency.
-Machine Footprint Reduction: With its compact and optimized design, the machine takes up less space and requires less external equipment and robotics.
-Maximum Capacity: The adaptive machine operates at maximum capacity, optimizing productivity and throughput.
-Full Flexibility: Supporting multiple product and package types, the machine offers unmatched flexibility, catering to diverse production requirements.
-Sustainability: The reduction in energy consumption, space usage, and part requirements ensures an eco-friendlier manufacturing process, promoting resource efficiency.

To experience firsthand these advancements by CoreTigo and meet the CoreTigo Inc. team at PACK EXPO Las Vegas schedule a personal meeting using the link


CoreTigo enables faster and more flexible manufacturing by providing high-performance machine digitalization, wireless connectivity and edge solutions for machine builders, system integrators and industrial equipment manufacturers. CoreTigo’s products enable the design and retrofit of machines and production lines that were not possible before. These solutions increase flexibility, adaptivity and modularity, resulting in cost effectiveness, increased productivity and downtime reduction. Embraced by industrial leaders, CoreTigo’s solutions are based on the IO-Link Wireless global standard, which is fit for harsh factory environments and motion control applications, providing the most reliable wireless connectivity for millions of sensors, actuators and industrial devices worldwide.

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