India and China to host IDF World Dairy Summits in 2022 and 2023

China IDF World Dairy Summits India World Dairy Summits

India and China to host IDF World Dairy Summits in 2022 and 2023 India and China to host IDF World Dairy Summits in 2022 and 2013

India and China will host the forthcoming IDF World Dairy Summits in 2022 and 2023 respectively in their capitals.

Both countries won the right to host the annual IDF flagship event with unanimous support from the General Assembly which met on the eve of the World Dairy Summit 2018 in Daejeon, Korea, on 14 October.
India, the world’s largest producer of milk, and China, the world’s fourth-largest producer of cow’s milk by country, according to the IDF World Dairy Situation 2018 report, will serve as an excellent showcase of their market leadership.
Mr Dilip Rath, Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board of India and Secretary of IDF India National Committee, said: “The efforts put in by all the stake holders – the small and marginal farmers and techno-professionals – have contributed in transforming a milk deficit country into a world leader in milk production. Hosting the World Dairy Summit 2022 in New Delhi, India, will be a proud moment and a befitting tribute to dairy farmers.”
Mr. Kungang Song, Chair of the IDF China National Committee, said: “China has developed into an important international dairy market, serving as a major engine of growth in the global dairy sector. We have a lot of experience to share at the World Dairy Summit 2023 in Beijing.”
IDF Director General Caroline Emond said there is much to be learned from market leaders such as India and China.
“India produced around 83 million metric tonnes of cow’s milk last year while it faces increasing demand by local consumers in line with greater health consciousness and a rise in purchasing power,” said Ms Emond.
“China, which produced about 35 million metric tonnes of cow’s milk, remains reliant on imports, particularly for cheese. These huge markets in Asia provide interesting perspectives on supply management and the use of technology to increase production. The exchange of ideas among different IDF member countries on a global platform at the World Dairy Summit will promote greater dialogue on issues and trends that will draw on the expertise and experience of each country which will contribute to the sustainable development of the dairy sector.”
The World Dairy Summit 2019 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, while Chile will play host in 2020 in Puerto Varas.

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