Leitz ProfilCut Q: Perfect solution for profile machining

Leitz ProfilCut Q: Perfect solution for profile machining

The multifunctional ProfilCut Q tool system from Leitz is the perfect solution for all requirements that arise during profile machining – for example, in the production of windows, doors or furniture. With increased efficiency, enhanced productivity and quality, as well as a high degree of flexibility and sustainability, materials of all kinds can be machined. The tool series is suitable for machining solid wood, derived materials, plastics and composites, light metals and also for particularly abrasive materials.

The ProfilCut Q, ProfilCut Q Premium, ProfilCut Q PLUS, ProfilCut Q PLUS Premium and ProfilCut Q Diamond tool series, which are of the highest technical standard, is suitable for batch size 1 productions as well as for the machining of high quantities in profile machining. What is special about it: all models can be combined with each other to achieve an effective economic overall solution.

The ProfilCut Q tool system consists of disposable systems and resharpenable constant systems, which enable economically optimal solutions to be created to customer requirements. As standard, the tool system’s exchangeable knives are made of carbide with Marathon high-performance coatings, which significantly increases tool life and reduces unproductive machine downtime.

ProfilCut Q
The basic model ProfilCut Q sets the standard in terms of cutting and finishing quality. Extra sharp, Marathon coated cutting edges with a polished finish and a precise balancing quality, lead to improved quality and reduce scrap and rework.

ProfilCut Q Premium
With the premium version ProfilCut Q Premium, Leitz has taken into account applications where maximum performance is the priority. Particularly in wood and wood-derived material processing companies with stationary technology that are predominantly involved in project business, i.e. systems with a high output of parts and for machining abrasive materials.

ProfilCut Q PLUS and ProfilCut Q PLUS Premium
The ProfilCut Q PLUS tooling system was developed for large production volumes with high running metre outputs. Resharpenable, constant-diameter and constant-profile cutting edges reduce production costs and thus meet the demand for greater efficiency while at the same time conserving resources.

ProfilCut Q Diamond
ProfilCut Q Diamond sets groundbreaking new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity and profitability in the machining of wood-derived materials, plastics, light metals and fibre and laminated composites. The use of polycrystalline diamonds makes it possible to machine abrasive materials precisely and without loss of performance.

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