Metrios has another edge, you can program the machine remotely. Primamec

Metrios has another edge, you can program the machine remotely. Primamec
I can set up the program sitting at the comfort of my desk, without the need of being physically in front of the machine. Then I can share the program with the operators in production so they can start measuring by simply pressing a button.

If you see green, the measurement is in tolerance. If you see red, the measurement does not comply.
First and foremost, it is crucial not to make mistakes during the production process: the part has to be perfect. An optical measuring machine guarantees fast, objective and traceable inspections, and is able to record every step of the process. Thanks to all these advantages, you can increase productivity owing to reduced inspection time.

“We believe in Industry 4.0 for the management of the entire plant, and we have connected our new ERP system to all the machines, and quality control is now integral part of our 4.0... and of course, we have connected our measuring machines too.”

“Before Metrios, we always used the profile projector and now we have evolved this. This machine evolves from the concept of a profile projector, but it simplifies measurement because it can enlarge the image and search for the required dimension or measurement without any particular positioning of the part.”

“Compared to the traditional projector, Metrios significantly reduces the time spent inspecting parts.
The touch screen feature really makes a difference. I can select the inspection I need to carry out and the measurements I want to take. I’m totally convinced that this measuring machine is essential for manufacturing perfect components.”

If before a part was measured in 10 minutes, today with Metrios it can be measured in a few seconds.

The increase in productivity is also closely linked to the reduced time spent on measurements. Metrios guarantees an immediate overview of the part compliance. Simply put, if you see green, the measurement is in tolerance. If you see red, the measurement does not comply.

“Another great advantage of a Metrios is that it doesn’t matter where you place the part. This also has to do with the speed of the process: if we need to find a measure immediately, we load the part and the relevant measurement is taken.”

“Metrios has another edge, you can program the machine remotely.
I can set up the program and share it via e-mail with my colleagues and detect the measurements of the part in question. It reduces the time operators spend during routine inspection in production.
A machine like Metrios has absolutely no problem following the production of 15-20 machines because, in addition to process and production inspection, incoming goods are also checked..”

“I believe that the added value of Italian companies lies in our passion, technical expertise, and immense versatility.”

“Back then, we were about 28 people, we are now almost 50 and it’s a team that I believe in…that I delegate responsibilities to.”
Primamec’s core business is supplying ready-to-be-assembled finished components to companies that produce systems for the hydraulics and automotive industry.

Alessandro Lupi – Primamec S.r.l. CEO Managing Director:
“Primamec was a turning shop founded by Gianni Ricci in 1971. When I took over the company,
most of the employees remained and are still working with me today in key roles.”

“Feeling appreciated at work is very important but being motivated is even more crucial when it comes to an employee trying to make their contribution to the company. Our goal is simply to improve. We are a group of people, a committed team... enthusiastic about our work, and solving problems is what really drives us.”

“Since 2017, we have been heavily investing in innovative technology, sourcing and buying the best, cutting-edge machines on the market. Premium measuring machines are just one example of such investments.
In the past year we have purchased a lot of measuring machines, as well as production equipment.
We actually bought seven new trailblazing machines that have considerably increased productivity.”

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