Saving energy with the NORD ECO service

Saving energy with the NORD ECO service

70 percent! That is the share of the total energy consumption of all industries for electric drives according to expert estimates. This is not only a significant cost factor – there is also a large optimisation and savings potential hidden here. The NORD ECO service helps companies to reveal this potential and to find the most efficient drive solution for their application.

NORD-ECO-services.jpg: With the components analysis, consultation and optimisation, the NORD ECO service enables an energy-efficient system design Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

“The first step is the comprehensive collection of measurement values”, Jörg Niermann, Head of Marketing at NORD, explains. For this purpose, the so-called NORD ECO BOX, a mobile inverter cabinet, is connected between the motor and the power supply. The NORD ECO BOX consists of an energy measuring device with data logger function, current transformer and cable connections.

Over a period of about two weeks, the box records data in real time about permanent loads, load peaks and irregular conditions. Once the survey is completed, the results are uploaded to software developed by NORD that automatically evaluates the data.

Identifying overdimensioning and optimising systems
NORD offers the ECO service for systems with both its own and third-party components. “The measurements over time make it possible to create a load cycle for the system. This shows whether a system’s dimensioning corresponds to the requirements of the respective application, Niermann explains. “We often see drive systems that are oversized for the corresponding application.” If a system is driven with the drive recommended by NORD, the company offers to carry out a remeasurement. As part of a TCO analysis (Total Cost of Ownership), the most cost- and energy-efficient solution can then be determined.

NORD-ECO-service-steps.jpg: NORD ECO service: Five steps to energy savings, cost reduction and CO2 reduction Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Variant reduction for more efficiency
For large systems with several drives, such as in intralogistics, the analysis with the NORD ECO service can significantly reduce the number of different drive systems. This helps to minimise administrative costs and streamlines production, logistics, storage and service processes. NORD offers high-efficiency motors with constant torque over a large speed range, which are ideally suitable for variant reduction

Meta title: The NORD ECO service for energy-efficient drives
Meta description: The NORD ECO service helps to reveal energy-saving potential and to find the most efficient drive solution for an application.
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