Setting sail: Paul Jolley and Martin Vloedbeld empower marine business development at GF Piping Systems

Setting sail: Paul Jolley and Martin Vloedbeld empower marine business development at GF Piping Systems

Within Global Industries Marine, Jolley and Vloedbeld have started new positions as Business Development Manager Floating Wind & Offshore and Business Development Manager Merchant Marine, respectively.

Paul Jolley will be responsible for developing new customers, projects and contracts within the Floating Wind & Offshore market segment at GF Piping Systems in Coventry, UK. Over the years he has gathered profound experience in the fields of sales and business development management in the marine and offshore industry. In the past he has been active as a consultant for clients across the sector and has worked in the subsea cables market as a sales manager. Jolley is looking forward to the new challenge: “Offshore applications are becoming increasingly important thanks to the advances in fields like floating wind technology. GF Piping Systems offers lightweight and long-lasting solutions that can help increase efficiency as well as sustainability for these applications.”

At the same time, Martin Vloedbeld will lead the development of new customers, projects, and contracts within the Merchant Marine market segment in the Netherlands. He will focus on both new builds and the ongoing maintenance of ships and comments, “I look forward to my next chapter with GF Piping Systems as well as meeting the challenges of the merchant marine sector. With our marine portfolio we can help shipowners and operators to reach their sustainability goals.”

GF Piping Systems has over 20 years of experience in the marine sector. The company has been a supplier as well as a partner for a wide range of renowned shipyards. GF Piping Systems is committed to offering innovative, energy-saving solutions that contribute to the industry’s goal of becoming more sustainable. The non-corrosive and lightweight plastic piping systems minimize maintenance requirements and have a longer service life compared to metal alternatives. Applications include water treatment and distribution, grey and black water disposal, cooling, as well as exhaust gas scrubbing and ballast water treatment.

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