The new S100: the perfect machine for the entry-level segment

The new S100: the perfect machine for the entry-level segment

“The S100 internal grinding entry-level machine perfectly complements our comprehensive internal grinding portfolio”, explains CSO Sandro Bottazzo, when presenting the S100 at the BI-MU Exhibition for Machine Tools in Milan.

Like all STUDER cylindrical grinding machines, the S100 also has a machine bed made of Granitan®. Its outstanding dampening, and thermal characteristics ensure consistently good grinding results and the renowned STUDER precision. During the development, special attention was given to a simple and efficient design of the components, making operation and maintenance easier for the operator. However, the equipment of the S100 also makes it suitable for grinding a universal spectrum of parts comprising of geometrically defined basic forms and contours, which can be generated with interpolating axes.

STUDER S100 universal internal cylindrical grinding machine

Flexible equipment ensures a diversity of parts

The machine can be equipped with up to two internal grinding spindles or one internal and one external spindle. In addition to a fixed wheelhead, it can be equipped with a manual with a 2.5 degree Hirth and, in its optimum configuration, with an automatic wheelhead with 1 degree Hirth. A synchronous motor drives the grease-lubricated internal and external belt spindles. The machine is operated by the Fanuc 0i-TF PLUS controller, together with the proven STUDER operating system.

A further advantage of the S100 is the automation option. On request, it can be equipped with a loading interface and an automatic sliding door, enabling automatic operation and the production of large series.

Typical workpieces for production on the S100 include collets for toolmaking, bearing rings, ball bearings and cylinders, as well as hydraulic control valves in small series. External and internal machining of flange parts or grinding of threads or non-circular forms is also possible.

The competent and reliable STUDER Customer Care is naturally also on hand to provide advice and technical support for the S100. A total of more than 200 specialists worldwide ensure that the machine operates reliably and efficiently throughout its entire lifetime and fully satisfies all requirements. Customers can rely on the 110-year grinding tradition of the Swiss company, founded back in 1912.

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