Mastercam Mill Streamlines Multiaxis Machining Process

Mastercam Mill Streamlines Multiaxis Machining Process

The Mastercam Mill software package includes multiaxis features, 3D enhancements and 2D high-speed toolpaths.

Mastercam Mill
Photo Credit: Mastercam

Mastercam Mill offers expanded machining flexibility and increased speed and automation. The software package includes multiaxis features, 3D enhancements and 2D high-speed toolpaths, as well as other new enhancements intended to improve shop floor productivity.

In Mastercam Mill, morph, parallel, along curve and project curve are no longer individual toolpaths. Instead, users can now find the same functionality inside the multiaxis unified toolpath, which is said to enable for more flexibility in cut pattern when programming multiaxis, all within a new advanced feature set and interface. A new feedrate control page consolidates the feedrate control options, making the options easier to find and simplifying workflows.

Mastercam’s OptiRough and area roughing toolpaths can now be aware of undercut stock conditions, resulting in improvements to the toolpath motion, including less air cutting. Equal Scallop is now a fully stock-aware, semi-finishing toolpath that now identifies material left in corners and will machine with a single pass or with multiple passes to ease into the material. With the new linking parameters in OptiRough toolpaths, users can control and optimize air cuts, which allows for greater efficiency in roughing toolpaths when transitioning between passes or when in air.

Additionally, the slot mill toolpath no longer requires two parallel walls when selecting the machining geometry; users can now select any closed chain. 2D contour profile ramp now supports the override feedrate option which enables users to specify a feedrate for the entry or exit move. When dragging and dropping items in the toolpath hole definition panel, Mastercam now provides visual cues for the drop location. Also, the drag-and-drop icon now indicates whether a single item or multiple items are being dragged.


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