Sustainable Metal Cutting: For People, Planet And Profit

Sandvik Coromant Explains Sustainable Metal Cutting: For People, Planet And Profit

Sustainable Metal Cutting: For People, Planet And Profit

Matilda Gynnerstedt, Head of Product Management for Turning at Sandvik Coromant, explores the tools and technologies that drive productivity, reduce waste and improve sustainability in metal cutting.

In metalwork, poor selection of tools or machining strategies can determine success or failure. Wastage, poor productivity and scrap components are symptoms of inadequate, unsustainable machining processes. Thus, having the right tools and processes offer substantial sustainability advantages in metal cutting. Unfortunately, many machine shops remain unaware. 

Metals are the backbone of today’s industrialised world. From steel in buildings, aluminum in cars, titanium in modern aircraft and copper in electronics, metals are important building blocks in our economy.

Their prevalence will not dwindle. As global governments implement decarbonisation initiatives, our demand for metal related renewable technologies will soar. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Steel and Iron Technology Roadmap reported global demand for steel will increase by over 30 percent between now and 2050. Expectations on metals’ sourcing, and production methods will intensify as demand increases.


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