Martins Wine Advisor launches sought-after ‘Jupiter’ wine in intergalactic event

Jupiter Martins Wine Wine

Martins Wine Advisor launches sought-after ‘Jupiter’ wine in intergalactic event

The ‘Wines From Another World’ journey, by the award winning wine advisor, was inaugurated last week where the first bottle, 'Jupiter', was unveiled to a rapturous reception from members of the elite wine connoisseur community.

10 June 2021



Lisbon, Portugal: Martins Wine Advisor (MWA), the winners of Best Wine Advisory Service 2019 and 2020 UK at the LUX Life Food & Drink Awards, have launched their new nine-year exclusive ‘Wines From Another World’ series in partnership with Pedro Marques Antunes from Sparrow Creative Solutions, in spectacular style in a converted warehouse setting.


Set against an immersive intergalactic space with cutting-edge technology, the luxurious launch event for ‘Wines From Another World’ was attended by luminaries from the elite wine world, media members and special VIP guests who were transported to another dimension, suspended between space and earth.The event marked the start of the nine-year journey where 9 planets, 9 regions, 9 producers, 9 codes and 9 wines will come into fruition for the ‘Wines From Another World’ series.


The first bottle to grace the ‘Wines From Another World’ collection is the highly sought after and rare, ‘Jupiter’ wine, which has balanced innovation with tradition using ancient wine techniques. It is the epitome of the millenary wine culture that was brought to Alentejo, in the south of Portugal, by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. This collector’s wine – by invitation only –  is a glorious testament to Claúdio Martins’, the CEO of Martins Wine Advisor, visionary quest for excellence and exceptional taste.

'Wines From Another World’ has cultivated a spirit of collaboration which is represented in Martins’ strong relationships with some of the finest wine producers in the world, including winemaker Pedro Ribeiro of Herdade do Rocim –  one of the most respected producers in the Alentejo. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system is an apt representational name for this bold wine, which was made with indigenous grapes and ancient production methods, including five years of ageing in amphoras. Rocim’s mission is to produce wines in a sustainable manner respecting the social, cultural and natural matrix of the region.


‘Jupiter’ boasts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for wine collectors to widen their horizons with a bottle of legendary proportions and tremendous value, which will age gracefully for many years to come. ‘Jupiter’ has already reached cult status, with half of the 800 bottles sold within 72 hours of its release last week.

“One of the greatest pleasures of wine is that the more you learn and are exposed to it, the better it gets. In every bottle, there is a melange of culture, geography, history, and families. There is a lot of depth and many things to think about in every bottle of wine. The more you open, the more curious and engaged you become. ‘Jupiter’ is no different, in fact it is one of the more complex and intriguing wines of its time - a true icon that will only grow in its splendor over time,” says Martins.


Martins grew up among the vineyards of the Dão region of Portugal, near the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountains. Almost as far back as he can remember, he spent his school holidays helping local producers with their harvest, where he gained a wealth of well-rooted knowledge and experience by turning the humble grape into a blissful drink.Martins went on to gain a multitude of distinctions, experience and credentials. Above all, he has become a passionate, dedicated, and service-focused wine consultant and entrepreneur with extensive global expertise. The international firm that he built in London, Martins Wine Advisor, continues to win accolade after accolade and counts some of the world’s most affluent connoisseurs and producers among its clientele.



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From the most unique and rare vineyards in the world, Martins Wine Advisor, in partnership with Pedro Marques Antunes from Sparrow Creative Solutions, is curating a stunning and limited edition wine collection for its ‘Wines From Another World’ journey, where one wine is created each year across nine-years on an exclusive invitation only basis. What started off as a passion project has become a fully realized series, where CEO Claúdio Martins goes to the source of some of the rarest and most exclusive wines with only 500 to 1,000 bottles produced of each wine, using indigenous grapes, traditional and even ancient methods – creating wines that tell the stories and history of the places they’re made in.

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