NORD drive solutions for the grain industry: Bulk goods handling from a single source with the NORD modular system

NORD drive solutions for the grain industry: Bulk goods handling from a single source with the NORD modular system

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers drive systems which are tailored to the special requirements of the grain industry. Whether for bucket elevators, conveyor belts, drag chain conveyors or screw conveyors, NORD assists operators of systems for storing, processing and transporting grain and grain products with optimised drive solutions, in-depth application knowledge and world-wide technical support.

NORD-Drivesystems-Grain.jpg: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers complete drive systems tailored to the needs of the grain industry in combination with in-depth application know-how and technical support


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world's leading companies in the field of drive technology and supplies a wide range of solutions for conveying bulk goods such as grain and oil seeds. Bucket elevators are used to transport bulk goods in a vertical direction. With its MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers versatile solutions for torques of up to 282,000 Nm, which can be mounted directly or with an IEC motor attachment. NORD drive concepts for elevators also offer options for back stops to prevent backflow of materials, as well as auxiliary drives with freewheeling couplings, and rotary encoders for maintenance operations

The latest generation, MAXXDRIVE®-XT, has been supplemented with an application-optimised two stage helical bevel gear unit. Thanks to their two versions, helical or bevel gear units with flange mounted or push-on housings can be placed parallel or at right angles to the axis in conveyor systems. They can be combined with a foot-mounted, high efficiency IE3 motor on a motor swing base or a frame and are connected to the motor via a hydraulic coupling. As most bucket conveyor applications involve production of dust, there is a risk of explosion if the dust is flammable. Here, customised explosion-protected motors and geared motors are used.

Drag chain conveyors move grain

Drag chain conveyors are ideal for conveying grain and other bulk goods horizontally or on an incline. These conveyors - which are available with flat or round bases and options such as by-pass feeders, multiple removal points and wear resistant cladding - are ideal for outdoor installation, are suitable for many applications and have decisive advantages over other conveyors with regard to safety, environmental protection and efficiency.

Energy efficient screw conveyors

Screw conveyors consist of a conveyor screw supported on both sides, that rotates within a housing and thus conveys the material. The bulk materials can be horizontally, diagonally or vertically conveyed over a specific distance, and exactly dosed, e.g. using sliders. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides energy efficient, easily mounted and reliable drive solutions with gear units in UNICASE housings, as well as special shaft seals for all ambient conditions. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, even with efficient direct mounting without V-belts and pulleys.

Meta-Title: NORD drive solutions for the grain industry

Meta-Description: Industrial gear unit, explosion protection, bucket elevators: complete bulk goods handling from a single source with the NORD modular system.

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