Reshaping the future of food: Fooditive launches Bee-Free Honey and Lowsalt using precision fermentation

Reshaping the future of food: Fooditive launches Bee-Free Honey and Lowsalt using precision fermentation

Fooditive, a pioneer in the development of plant-based innovative ingredients built for a better world, better health at affordable prices, is celebrating the next phase by welcoming the world to a new era in the company. The Dutch startup at heart is reshaping the future to keep its promise in innovation by scaling up existing products and introducing their latest developments: LowSalt & Bee-free-Honey.

Scaling up via sustainable collaborations and certification

Partnerships & expansion
Fooditives’ unique approach towards its ingredients and processes has attracted change makers and partners from countries like, New Zealand, Australia and the US, to collaborate and subsequently enable Fooditive to accelerate towards achieving a sustainable global impact.
Novel recognition
Innovative products are needed to be impactful, which comes with an additional legal challenge. By ensuring safety of products up to the legal standard, Fooditive will be enabled to scale up its production and make its products widely available.

A new era: Development for the future

Fooditive is optimizing its recent patented processes and keep developing the solutions that are kinder for you and kinder for the planet.
“We feel like the next chapter of this journey has just begun. With the support from our shareholders, clients, partners and our team we are focused to increase our impact and make a fundamental change in the industry.” - says Moayad Abushokhedim, founder of Fooditive.
As a part of what Fooditive has learned from the casein development, the team realized what impact it can make in the biotechnology industry. Fooditive is entering a new phase of development with products that fit its vision and planning towards 2030.

“More than a promise, a 100% natural pledge”

Fooditive Bee-free-Honey
Fooditive aims to continue innovating by using fermentation enzymes that saves bees. Using the same system applied to its casein, the DNA of honey is copied to create a product that performs like traditional honey. Texture, taste, colour and even the health benefits can be mimicked to provide a kinder honey, with first trails by Fooditive planned at the start of 2023.
The process of sequence modification utilized in the development of Fooditive’s Bee-free-Honey will be the steppingstone for a revolutionary advancement in the food and biotechnology industry, allowing Fooditive and all the plant-based industry to perfectly mimic any animal product.
Fooditive LowSalt
Fooditive picks up the challenge again to find an alternative for one of the most important raw materials, salt. Fooditive has developed a new type of product, LowSalt, which is made by modifying potassium chloride by adding citric acid and mixing it with a carrier to result in an end-product which is spray dried to reach low sodium salt to be twice as salty compared to natural salt.
Fooditive is tackling the side-effects of salt and provides a low sodium salt future which is also a greener alternative for the environment. The LowSalt should provide taste and preservability in the end-product, while protecting the consumer from a rise in blood pressure and weight gain. The Rotterdam-based company aims to do trials and clinical studies to understand both the impact for our health and environment.

About Fooditive BV

In 2018, the plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive BV was established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The company is committed to making healthy food available for all with its 100% natural ingredients.
So far, the company’s unique fermentation process allows them to create a world-renowned sweetener, made from side streams of apples and pears. The sweetener’s unique approach provides not only taste, but also functionality and a sustainable impact.
Fooditive’s most recent pioneering launch is a new plant-based protein that can be used in the food industry to replace dairy in food and beverage applications. As the world’ begins to see the value in veganism and sustainability, Fooditive’s vegan casein, a breakthrough innovation in the dairy alternative industry, is a high-quality and sustainable alternative to dairy-based casein and has been well received in the market.
Fooditive is committed to deliver on its mission and goal. The Rotterdam-based company welcomes any person or business for future collaborations.

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