Blow Moulding Technologies Deploy Simulation on 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud with TECHNIA


Blow Moulding Technologies Deploy Simulation on 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud with TECHNIA

TECHNIA, the #1 knowledge leaders in PLM and Engineering, announced today a new agreement in their strategic partnership with Blow Moulding Technologies (BMT) – a manufacturer of, and service provider for, injection stretch blow moulding machinery.


BMT is a technology spin-out company from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, founded in September 2011. Their vision is to provide a scientific approach to stretch blow moulding. Through advanced software and hardware solutions, they aim to reduce energy consumption, optimise setup, and increase productivity.

BMT aims to expand their current Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) capabilities and deliver an automated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimisation workflow to satisfy their expanding project requirements by employing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provided by TECHNIA.

Following a series of tests and discussions, TECHNIA were able to recommend a simulation solution within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which satisfied BMT’s workflow requirements, whilst also using the latest simulation technology on the cloud.

This new solution allows BMT to use the latest advanced hardware technology and gives them the ability to run analyses on the cloud, with access to increased computational power and the option to run simultaneous jobs, removing the restriction they had with their previous (standalone) license.

TECHNIA will work with BMT to reduce their investment in expensive hardware, by employing high-performance analysis options on the cloud when they require additional power to complement their existing SIMULIA/Abaqus license(s).

Additionally, BMT will have access to all the 3DEXPERIENCE platform benefits including PLM and Project Management capabilities to ensure traceability, revision control, and access and readability of data across roles.


“It’s exciting to see companies like BMT taking advantage of cloud technologies, opening new doors, and unlocking potential for business growth. New opportunities are becoming viable with simulation technology on cloud, and we’re always looking for the best way to harness these solutions for our customers.”

Magnus Falkman

Chief Executive Officer | TECHNIA


“Given the complex FEA simulation platform offering, we were pleased that the experienced team at TECHNIA were able to support us in optimising the Total Cost of Ownership. We have now increased our service capabilities through automation, and the advanced roles within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform have allowed us to increase internal R&D efforts that will eventually become the next BMT service or product”

Yannis Salomeia

Chief Executive Officer | Blow Moulding Technologies

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