Image and keep track of protein crystal building with the CrysCam UV

Image and keep track of protein crystal building with the CrysCam UV™ and plate incubator from Art Robbins Instruments

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The CrysCam UV™ is an automated imaging system from Art Robbins Instruments for observing protein crystals under visible and UV-light. The stand-alone system allows to set up workflows, image plates in ANSI/SLAS- and Linbro formats, and LCP slides and analyse your images with a user-friendly software. The software is capable of measuring crystals and comparing images from different plates, light sources and days. Deep-field slicing where one image contains pictures of different levels of a crystal are also possible. Information about crystallization screen conditions can be uploaded into the software from the user owned “Scorpion Screen Builder”.

Automation does not stop with the imaging procedure. Art Robbins Instruments now also offers automated plate incubators for storing 42, 210 or 504 plates in ANSI/SLAS standard format at 4° to 25°C. The plate incubators are integrated with the CrysCam UV™ and controlled by the software of the imaging system. This allows the user to define automated scheduling for the plates and keep track of protein crystal building over hours, days, weeks or months. Identification of the plates is secured through an internal barcode reader in the system. The plate incubator can be accessed through the plate shuttle of the imaging system or, for storing and removing several plates at once, a door at the back of the incubator. The system has rotary stacker movement and linear plate handling.

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