SSAB and Stena Stål partner up to provide fossil-free steel to the Nordic Market

SSAB and Stena Stål partner up to provide fossil-free steel to the Nordic Market

SSAB has entered into an agreement with the Swedish steel distributor Stena Stål under which Stena Stål will be the first external distributor to deliver fossil-free steel on the Swedish market, starting in 2026.

The Nordic steel market is diverse and a lot of business goes through distributors to small and medium-sized companies. Now, that Stena Stål has signed a letter of intent with SSAB, another link in the value chain has been added to the future fossil-free steel market.

“I am happy to welcome Stena Stål as a fossil-free steel partner. Together, we are contributing to reduced carbon dioxide emissions when we introduce fossil-free steel to the Swedish market,” says Matts Nilsson
, Head of Sales Sweden & Norway at SSAB. “We are together building fossil-free value chains all the way to the end customer.”

“For us at Stena Stål, fossil-free steel is central to our journey towards sustainable steel distribution. This is very important for our customers and we aim to reduce our CO2 footprint by 50% already by 2030 and by 100% in 2045. We are very happy about this partnership as we take important steps towards a fossil-free future,” says Stefan
Svensson, MD at Stena Stål AB.

SSAB plans to revolutionize the entire steelmaking process, aiming to deliver fossil-free steel to the market at a commercial scale during 2026 and to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations in around 2030. SSAB works with iron ore producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall as part of the HYBRIT initiative to develop a value chain for fossil-free iron- and steel production, replacing the coking coal traditionally used for iron ore-based steelmaking with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen.

Stena Stål supplies various types of steel products to customers in Sweden and Norway. Through close collaborations with leading steel producers, an extensive range of products is offered in areas such as beams, bars, pipes, rebar, sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminium and special steel. Customers mainly consist of small and medium-sized companies in construction and industrial operations. In addition to the wholesale business, adaptation and pre-treatment of steel products according to customer-specific needs is carried out in-house or with partners. Stena Stål is a part of the Stena Metal Group.

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