A Truly Sustainable Future for Air Filtration

A Truly Sustainable Future for Air Filtration


The technology behind Air Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) constitutes a fundamental disruption in the air and gas filtering industry. With this technology available, there are thousands of applications where it no longer makes sense to capture debris that nobody wants. Our units do not require filter elements that can clog or need maintenance over time. As a result, they eliminate the need for buying, shipping, storing, cleaning, changing, and disposing of filter media.


For centuries people have cleaned the air by trapping the unwanted particles in something, from simple cloths or screens to highly sophisticated bags, panels, cartridges, and other materials. Our difference is that ACBs simply separate out the contaminants from the gas, fling the debris back into the atmosphere from which it came and then send the clean air towards where the users need it. Since a filter medium can only remove debris if air passes through it, ACBs eliminate the need for an additional propelling force to drive the air to its application, which makes the entire package simpler and unitary, hence easier to install, operate, and maintain.


Without the use of filter media, ACB units have nothing to clog and interfere with the flow of air. Eliminating the clogging of the filter elements makes designing systems to cool, heat, pressurize and ventilate easier by assuring:

--Constant and Predictable Air Flow

--Constant and Predictable Air Pressure

--Constant and Predictable Air Quality

--Constant and Predictable Energy Consumption


Utilizing our multi-patented technology, Air Cleaning BlowersTM can facilitate the design and manufacture of products that require clean air to pressurize and/or ventilate. Such uses include control buildings, air-compressor systems, and electrical equipment such as motor control centers (MCCs). ACBs can also serve clean rooms, classrooms, hospitals, apartments, and grain elevators. In military and emergency response situations, ejecting particles, such as pathogens and radio-active dusts, eliminates the dangers of handling, changing, and disposing of filter media that collect them.


Used in homes, mines, steel plants and military applications worldwide, ACBs have proven themselves under both simple and harsh conditions. Since they treat liquids essentially as they 2 do particles, they even keep out rain and snow, both of which hamper the functioning of filter media, especially if they trap water and freeze. Unlike other purportedly self-cleaning air filtration systems, ACBs truly do keep themselves clean. All filter media-based bags or cartridge systems that use shaking and/or compressed air to remove some of the accumulated material eventually require replacing the bags or cartridges, which costs money and labor. Some filter companies claim that they offer "sustainable" (green) filtration systems when they simply make the filter media deeper or otherwise capable of trapping more dirt to postpone the need for maintenance or replacement. However, in most cases doing that just prolongs the clogging period and spreads the energy and other costs of clogging over a longer period between changes; it does not reduce the consumption of energy in total. In contrast, by not clogging, the ACBs truly sustain the same air flow, air pressure, air quality, and energy consumption the life of the blower motor.


Filter-element manufacturers normally label their media as removing a certain size of particle and having a certain pressure drop when brand new. However, they generally do not actually attain that level of particle-capturing effectiveness (as many food processors have learned) until a certain number of debris has accumulated in them. Those manufacturers design the elements to need those collected contaminants to close the pores in the elements enough that they can block and capture those smaller particles. Therefore, those filter makers rate their products based on the airflows and pressure drops when new, not after they have clogged enough to remove what the label says. Again, in contrast, ACBs remove their rated sizes of particles predictably and maintain consistent air flow, pressure, and quality—and steady electrical consumption— throughout their lives.


Independent testing and success in the field have established the effectiveness of the ACBs. Their scalability from fewer than 50 CFM (85 M3 /hour) to many thousands allow them to solve problems in a wide range of applications. Without media they eliminate the never-ending need to buy, transport, stock, clean, and replace and dispose of exhausted, and potentially hazardous, filter elements and bags. This short video shows ACBs working in a variety of tough applications.


Air Cleaning BlowersTM have just begun to disrupt the gas and air-filtration industries. As we continue to take leaps forward in reducing the sizes, complication, weights and costs of air-cleaning, Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC will play an increasing role in the world's air-filtration industry and in the lives of its users.

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