Pith & Stem launches DropTop Pro M - a complete home office solution

Pith & Stem

Pith & Stem launches DropTop Pro M - a complete home office solution

Pith & Stem launches DropTop Pro M - a complete home office solution

With many of us now settled into working from home life or some form of hybrid office/home model, many people are looking to upgrade their WFH setup. Dedicating a whole room to an office or study is not a luxury everyone can afford or justify, but since remote working is here to stay, a long-term solution to the kitchen table is an obvious requirement.

As the pandemic is slowly being defeated, the struggles to match workplace productivity are now becoming even more apparent. At the heart of the challenge is the fact that most living spaces aren’t built to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours; they’re built to celebrate space and light and promote relaxation and cosiness.

The traditional desks can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space. Although now necessary they often feel out of place and can make your interior look cluttered and untidy.

To solve this Pith & Stem launched DropTop.™ back in March. The world’s first remote workstation that quite literally disappears when it’s not in use. Instead of allowing a desk that serves no other function 16 hours a day take over your living space, the DropTop™ folds down from a wall-mounted space, behind a gorgeous piece of artwork that brightens any room when it’s not in use and instantly transforms into a well laid out workspace, when it’s time to get down to business.

Following six months of high demand, fantastic feedback, and no fewer than seven new models, Pith & Stem have are now launching their most advanced iteration yet, the DropTop.™ Pro M.

This latest version of DropTop’s ‘Pro’ range unfolds from the wall into a huge 120cm x 60cm desk surface, revealing the built in LG 29” ultra-wide Full HD monitor that can be used with your existing laptop or MacBook. What stands it apart from the rest of the range is a suite of accessories designed to truly tick every box. As standard the Pro M features a wireless phone charger and a plug socket with two USB ports to power your laptop, phone and other gadgets. On the other side is a customisable recess, with the option to have either an extendable tablet/mobile phone holder, or a multi-use arm to hold an external microphone, webcam, or even a mirrorless camera for vlogging. The desk also has 2 storage pockets below the screen, that can fit most chunky laptops and accessories like a keyboard, mouse, tablet, notepads, magazines and other essentials.

It is expected to launch on the 10th of November 2021 at a total cost of £1345 and it can be purchased from https://pithandstem.com/

Wall-mounted desks aren’t a new concept, but before the DropTop.™ they have never actually been a practical solution. The hinges and desk surface of the typical wall mounted desk are normally very flimsy, the useable workspace is usually big enough just to put a laptop on, and they often protrude quite a lot even when closed, looking like a big, odd box on the wall. Pith & Stem has addressed all the issues and created a desk built for the modern interior, which boasts durability in addition to a stylish, practical design.

Thanks to the innovative minds at Pith & Stem, now you can enjoy the comfort of an ergonomic desk without having to give up any valuable home space.

Head over to pithandstem.com/droptop/ and use their configurator to build your very own DropTop.™ and look out for the launch on the 10th of  November. Pith & Stem announced that the first 200 units will be with their customers just in time for Christmas!

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