TECHNIA Meet Demand with B2B Partner Collaboration Solution

B2B Collaboration Solution TECHNIA

TECHNIA Meet Demand with B2B Partner Collaboration Solution

TECHNIA, the #1 knowledge leaders in PLM and Engineering, announced today that they will release a B2B Partner Collaboration Solution to the market. Exchange Hub, developed by TECHNIA Software, is a cloud-first solution providing secure, affordable, real-time supply chain management as a standalone cloud - Software as a Service (SaaS) - solution, or integrated into existing enterprise systems such as PLM.


Exchange Hub streamlines business operations in real-time, regardless of data volume, sources, systems or formats. The new software offering from TECHNIA addresses security, licensing, usability, communication, and time management issues which may arise when OEMs and suppliers must share data between multiple systems. Exchange Hub delivers a Partner Collaboration Solution capable of Data Integration of Enterprise Systems, whether on Premise, on Cloud or Hybrid. Find details of all TECHNIA Software & Expert Solutions products here.


“A few years back, we undertook this challenge for our customers. Based on their input, we went about creating a solution that addressed their most challenging needs when working with extended partner communities. We needed to streamline partner collaboration while ensuring that the latest, most relevant data would be available to their partners. We also knew that IP security and process control are both key to reducing our customers overall success and time to market. Today, TECHNIA is very excited to make Exchange Hub available to our customer community.”

James Goodale, Product Manager | TECHNIA


“I think that TECHNIA are truly unique in that we work so closely with our customers that we become an extension of their teams. In doing so, we’re better able to identify their requirements and develop new solutions to meet those challenges. TECHNIA Exchange Hub is one such example, as part of the Experience Packaged portfolio.”

Magnus Falkman, CEO | TECHNIA

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