Tuff-N-Nuff® Rockshield Product with New Rapid-Edge Self-Fastening Technology

Newly released Tuff-N-Nuff® with Rapid-Edge technology is a self-fastening rockshield product, designed with hook-and-loop closure for quicker and less costly installation. The product protects pipeline coatings from direct impact during backfill operations.

Tuff-N-Nuff® Rockshield Product with New Rapid-Edge Self-Fastening Technology

Quicker, Safer, and Less Costly Installation

  • Reduce installation costs by over 50%
  • Eliminates the need for tape, as required by all other rockshields
  • Significantly decreases personnel required in the trench during installation, resulting in a safer worksite
  • Ease of installation, including artic temperatures
  • Industry-leading impact resistance with superior performance and protection capable of withstanding the impact of rocks up to 6" in diameter in our ASTM G13 Modified Impact Testing 
  • Most frequently specified rockshield brand in the US and Canada    


11,000 Miles of Tuff-N-Nuff® Installed..... And Counting!

Tuff-N-Nuff® Rockshield with new Rapid-Edge fastening technology is the first innovative approach to traditional rockshield in over 30 years. With a new, self-fastening hook and loop closure, Sika is tackling the pipeline industry's toughest challenges of manpower, safety, and installation speed. 

Tuff-N-Nuff®rockshield is comprised of small diameter strands of flexible PVC to form a porous, non-woven mat that will not trap water against the pipeline. The strands are bonded together in a controlled, random pattern during production.

With the new Rapid-Edge installation feature, the product is installed in two steps: the roll is placed over the pipe, then the edges are simply pressed together to continuously secure to the pipe. Tuff-N-Nuff® with Rapid-Edge is produced in the United States with the same durable formula as its namesake predecessor that has been on the market for over 30 years to date.


  • A variety of standard roll widths are available to accomodate any standard pipeline diameter up to 22 inches. 
  • Simply unroll the entire roll of Tuff-N-Nuff® on top of the pipe. 
  • Press together the Rapid-Edge hool and loop strips to CONTINUOUSLY secure Tuff-N-Nuff® to the pipe.
  • No spiral wrapping of the tape is required with new Rapid-Edge fastening technology! 

Tuff-N-Nuff® Roll Sizes

* Rapid-Edge technology available in roll sizes 36"-72".


  • Comprised of flexible PVC stands; improves installtion safety versus other shard-edged polythylene rockshields
  • Eliminates the need for additional tape to secure the rockshield to the pipe
  • Easy and safe to install, saves time and lowers costs with use of native soil for backfill
  • Industry leading impact resistance in accordance with ASTM G13 Modified* standard
  • Formulated for flexibility in extreme cold weather conditions, unlike other polyethylene rockshields
  • Does not shield cathodic protection
  • Saftey yellow color
  • Available for pipeline diameter size up to 22"

Tuff-N-Nuff® Pads

*Results may differ based upon statistical variations depending on equipment, temperature, application methods, test methods, and actual site conditions.     

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