VW deploys first electric car charging stations with giant integrated batteries

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VW deploys first electric car charging stations with giant integrated batteries

We first reported on the project when it was just a concept over a year ago: VW announces new mobile charging station with 360 kWh battery pack.

The German automaker presented it as an easily deployable all-in-one fast-charging solution with a charge rate of up to 100 kW and 360 kWh of energy storage.

Now VW has started deploying the new system as part of a pilot project in Wolfsburg.

There are now currently nine stations online. Here are the locations:

Furthermore, VW has three more charging stations that it can quickly deploy for events if there’s a need for it.

Thomas Schmall, CEO of the Volkswagen Group Components, commented on the project:

A nationwide charging infrastructure in urban areas is one of the essential steps in an e-mobile future. The flexible charging station that we developed is an important component for a functioning network of charging points. It can be installed anywhere — permanently connected, but also independently of the power grid — wherever there is a need. No matter whether in the city, at festivals, at the stadium or at other events. At the same time, the batteries previously used in electric vehicles can be fed into a second life cycle. In this way, we assume end-to-end responsibility for the battery from the cell to recycling.

On top of those advantages, the stations that are connected to the grid can offer peak shaving services in order to reduce the demand charges costs, which are often the biggest costs of operating an electric vehicle charging station.

As part of the pilot program, electric car owners who are citizens of the city of Wolfsburg can charge for free for the next 80 weeks.

Via: https://electrek.co/

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