Cardiac Surgeon Dilek Gürsoy Speaks About Realheart's Artificial Heart at Impact LECH

Cardiac Surgeon Dilek Gürsoy Speaks About Realheart's Artificial Heart at Impact LECH

Cardiac surgeon Dilek Gürsoy is one of several top-notch speakers at Impact LECH, taking place June 15-18 in Austria. Dr. Gürsoy speaks about artificial hearts in general and about the Realheart artificial heart specifically. She will also participate in a panel discussion on the theme "Man and machine in medicine".

Dr. Gürsoy was the first female surgeon in Europe to implant an artificial heart and is one of several prominent cardiac surgeons involved in Realheart's animal studies. Dr. Gürsoy has nearly 20 years of experience in cardiac surgery and also has expertise in the field of artificial hearts.

Realheart is at the forefront of developing a TAH solution that is expected to have significant advantages over the artificial hearts available today. Some of these expected advantages are that Realheart® TAH mimics the natural pulsating blood flow of the human heart with the aim of reducing the risks of blood-related side effects, and that the blood flow is automatically adapted to the body's needs. In addition, the product consists of two separate pumps, allowing for better placement in the chest. The energy-efficient pump principle provides a long battery life and allows for wireless charging via the skin in the future. An adequate TAH can save lives and provide a good quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

"Artificial heart treatment and artificial heart research is important and therefore I am happy to share my long experience in this field at Impact Lech on 17 June 2023. Realheart's pump is very good, I really believe in it," says Dr. Dilek Gürsoy.

Impact LECH is a concept designed to highlight facts and shape opinion on current topics. The theme this time is human-machine interaction and how it can be designed in a successful and meaningful way.

"Realheart is a new generation of artificial hearts. We are developing our TAH to be the absolute best for the patients and to provide them with a continued good quality of life, but also to enable a fast surgery, which we have also shown in our animal studies. The fact that an experienced heart surgeon is talking about our product and highlighting its potential to become an alternative to heart transplantation for patients with life-threatening heart failure is extremely important," says Realheart's CEO Ina Laura Perkins.

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