Diabeloop announces integration of insulin automatization software for use with insulin pens

Diabeloop announces integration of insulin automatization software for use with insulin pens

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Diabeloop announced today that it leveraged its diabetes management software to integrate insulin pens into its hybrid closed-loop system.

Paris-based Diabeloop’s DBL-4pen, a unique app, offers new opportunities for the personalized management of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

According to a news release, Diabeloop designed the offering for people living with diabetes who do not have access to or want to wear an insulin pump. Using self-learning algorithms, DBL-4pen offers most of the clinical improvement from DBLG1’s closed-loop insulin delivery system to insulin pen users. The expectation is that the overall cost will be significantly lower for the payer.

DBL-4pen — a smartphone app connected via Bluetooth — links to an insulin pen and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that measures blood glucose levels every five minutes. The only input required from users is meals and physical activities, then the app automatically recommends the ideal insulin dose in real-time, which can be delivered via the pen with no more calculations to complete.

The measured data can also be transmitted to a physician, healthcare provider or family members through the YourLoops cloud-based data visualization platform if the patient desires.

Diabeloop said its new app platform complements its existing product line through a recently extended partnership with Biocorp. The companies integrated Biocorp’s Mallya smart cap for insulin injection pens into Diabeloop’s technological environment.

The company said this partnership, along with others, will create new opportunities to bring Diabeloop’s technologies to people using insulin pens for multiple daily injections.

“With DBL-4pen, we are able to bring the power of self-learning algorithms and connectivity to the majority of people who can not or do not want to wear an insulin pump,” Diabeloop CEO and co-founder Erik Huneker said in the release. “The combination of smart sensors for insulin pens with our self-learning algorithm gives us the opportunity to integrate a wide range of insulin pens into our hybrid closed-loop system in the future. Our goal is for this innovative solution to be compatible with almost all pens on the market.”

Source: https://www.drugdeliverybusiness.com

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