Ding Throws Support Behind Cuba Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Covid-19 Vaccination Drive Cuba Ding

Ding Throws Support Behind Cuba Covid-19 Vaccination Drive 


Ding Throws Support Behind Cuba Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Ding, the largest international mobile top-up platform, is very pleased to announce that the company is donating $50,000 to help Cuba in its fight against Covid-19. 

Cuba's long-standing commitment to health has led to a successful Covid-19 pandemic response so far and Ding’s substantial donation will go directly to the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba to help finance the vaccination campaign by supporting the purchase of key equipment such as medical syringes to help protect more of Cuba’s citizens in the coming months. 

Commenting on the support, Mark Roden, Ding’s Founder and Chief Executive said: “Cuba, and the Cuban Telecom’s operator ETECSA, are a very important part of our business and supporting the Cuban people at this difficult time is something which we are very keen to do.”

He added: “We are committed to helping Cubans stay safe and connected during the Covid-19 crisis and we feel helping with the vaccination drive is a great way to support them.”

Cuba is producing its own vaccination in response to the global pandemic, with a mass vaccination programme rolling out this Summer, with plans to have a significant percentage of its 11 million citizens vaccinated by later this year. 

Commenting on Ding’s generous donation, Ambassador Hugo Ramos Milanes, Cuba’s Ambassador in Ireland noted: “During this pandemic, which is being felt around the world, Cuba is pushing ahead with our aim to vaccinate our population as quickly as possible with our own homegrown vaccine.”

Furthermore: “Support from companies like Ding to help us realise this ambition is very valuable to the Cuban people – who are very excited about the promise of our vaccination programme and its rollout.”

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