How is AI transforming the health industry?

AI health industry

How is AI transforming the health industry?

Health industry

The health industry is one of the most important business sectors on the planet. No matter where you live or what you do in your day to day life, you will rely on the health industry in some capacity to support you at some point in your life.

Innovations in this sector are incredibly important, and one of the biggest to make waves is AI development.


What many top healthcare advisors are seeing right now is a real change towards patient-led healthcare. Many patients are taking the time to research their conditions and some of the many healthy lifestyle choices they can make to either avoid developing the condition, or to alleviate symptoms. Therefore, when they approach a healthcare professional for advice, they may be better informed than they would have been in previous decades.

AI development is crucial here as it could help to breach the gap between the best medical advice and what the patient wants to do. AI can help massively with data interpretation; this is one area where their help could be key.

Increasing efficiency

Artificial intelligence does not have to be directly supporting patients or healthcare professionals to have an impact on the industry. It can also be used to support those tech businesses working behind the scenes to ensure that anything that goes on to the healthcare industry is the best it can be.

London entrepreneur Tej Kohli and California-based Jocelyn Goldfein are just two of the voices who are excited about the opportunities AI can deliver.

Tech development is booming right now there is no knowing where it might go next. With so many exciting innovations facing us at the moment, it is obvious that the next big leap in AI development is on its way. Anybody who is fascinated by the up and coming developments in the healthcare industry would do well to look at them through the lens of AI.

Primary care

To reduce the strain on GP’s surgeries and other key areas, many healthcare providers are beginning to look into AI-based portals that patients can use for guidance. Such portals are simple to use and can provide advice on many topics.

The AI can analyse data given to it and then provide the patient with some information about what to do next. It could be to head to a hospital if the condition is serious, but it could also be simply to prescribe some basic care the patient could administer themselves.

Not only will this relieve pressure on GP’s surgeries and emergency departments, but it could also be a gamechanger in remote locations that do not necessarily have access to the best healthcare on-demand. Being able to improve the lives of people who live in locations such as these would be incredible, and it may be possible thanks to AI.

There are so many changes taking place throughout the healthcare industry that are being driven by artificial intelligence. Thanks to the hard work of many, we may be about to head into a new world where healthcare is supported in many aspects by the work of AI.


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