Introducing rebless™ Robotic Therapy at Brooks Rehabilitation

Introducing rebless™ Robotic Therapy at Brooks Rehabilitation

Brooks Rehab builds on its mission to offer a personalized experience to help empower you throughout your recovery by aligning closely with H Robotics.

H Robotics Partners with Brooks Rehabilitation Clinic

Recently, H Robotics traveled to Central Florida to work together with clinicians at Brooks Rehabilitation, providing rebless™ training and support for patients who are affected by stroke, traumatic injury, or who are recovering from orthopedic surgery.

This new relationship plays an important role in H Robotic’s mission to restore movement and create a better quality of life with data-driven technology for patients.

“We are very glad to have it here and thrilled to see our future outcomes,” said Carolyn Tremblay, PT, DPT, Center Manager, Brooks Rehabilitation Osceola.

With multiple operating modes, rebless™ allows for passive, active, and active-assisted range of motion and exercise, so therapy can be customized based on each individual patient’s condition and progress. Controlled through an app downloaded onto the patient’s smartphone or mobile device, rebless™ allows care providers to use the rebless™ Clinic software to prescribe exercise regimens, manage and export patient output, and perform telemedicine visits.

Jazmine Hidalgo, an Occupational Therapist at Brooks Rehab says of her experience treating patients with rebless, “They are able to do things more in physical therapy when they have that better control,” and that “rebless really helps me see the patients progress.”

For more information on the new partnership between H Robotics and Brooks Rehab, contact us today at

About Brooks Rehabilitation

Brooks Rehabilitation has more than 50 years of expertise in providing medical rehabilitation services. Their highly trained clinicians provide the most advanced therapy and medical care, along with the compassion, motivation, and hope to help people reach their highest level of recovery.

About H Robotics

H Robotics is made up of a team of innovators who share a passion for improving lives. We are one of the fastest-growing robotics companies that develop, manufacture, and distribute state-of-the-art rehabilitation solutions for people who suffer from neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

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