Merck Launches ColorWheel Flow Cytometry Antibodies


Merck Launches ColorWheel Flow Cytometry Antibodies and Dyes to Provide Flexibility in Flow Cytometry Workflows


Merck Launches ColorWheel Flow Cytometry Antibodies

  • Flexibility to pair any antibody with any dye
  • Less than 5 minutes of hands-on time for a simplified workflow vs.  conjugation kits
  • Lyophilized product for enhanced stability and ambient shipping
  • Preservative-free presentation for sustainability and wider sample type compatibility

Merck announced the launch of its new ColorWheel® flow cytometry portfolio, utilizing a proprietary technology optimized for flow cytometry that allows users to independently select antibodies and dyes for assembly in any desired combination. The output of these mix-and-matched antibodies and dyes is analogous to a primary conjugated antibody.

The ColorWheel® portfolio addresses the fact that multiplexing in flow cytometry can be a puzzle that researchers must piece together, which includes the configuration of the instrument, balancing antigen expression with dye brightness, and antibody-dye combination availability. If it is not possible to fit all these factors into one experiment, researchers need to compromise - but this solution puts more flexibility, productivity and control into their hands to overcome these constraints.

ColorWheel® antibodies and dyes make it easier to build a new multiplex assay for samples with varying expression levels of antigen. One may simply mix and match antibodies and dyes at the bench, in a ready-to-use, convenient format that fits what is best for the sample and the instrument – with the least amount of time and effort, and removing the need for any labelling kits.

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