New test to detect COVID-19 in the air

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New test to detect COVID-19 in the air

Laboratorio Control - A Tentamus Company

(PresseBox) ( Madrid, Spain, )
As of today, Laboratorio Contol provides a new analysis (PCR) to detect SARS-CoV-2 in air samples to all its customers. This service is a powerful tool for the early detection of possible outbreaks of COVID-19 in the population.

The laboratory started its research when the WHO (World Health Organization) updated the latest findings on infectious pathways with SARS-CoV-2 in July 2020. Through its infection prevention unit coordinator, Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO acknowledges evidence that the coronavirus remains airborne. These infectious agents are transmitted in particular through airborne droplets and aerosols.

At the beginning of the outbreak, scientists thought that the virus was spread mainly through droplets of saliva or mucus when people coughed or sneezed. However, researchers have found that the coronavirus can persist in the air longer and travel further in smaller droplets.

“The analysis process we have developed is very reliable, because it is based on the RT-PCR technique, which detects the RNA of the virus and therefore has the highest level of specificity and sensitivity” explains Sergio Marcos Estival, Manager of Laboratorio Control.

Thanks to Laboratorio Control’s development, the Tentamus Group is able to provide a comprehensive analytical service for COVID-19, offering its customers the analysis of COVID-19 on SURFACES, in WATER, and in the AIR, thus providing far-reaching possibilities to determine the routes of infection and the risks related to the new coronavirus.

About Laboratorio Control

Laboratorio Control is based in Madrid and specializes in analytical services in many sectors (food, environment, beauty and personal care, pharma, and chemical industry). With a wide range of experience, it counts as a technical sanitary consulting comopany (since 1994) in these areas. The laboratory operates under the ENAC accreditation (Spanish National Accreditation Body) for over 20 years. Please visit for further information.

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