Women’s Health and Customized Delivery Systems

Women’s Health and Customized Delivery Systems

GELITA presents compelling solutions at Vitafoods Asia

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GELITA, the leading manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides, will be back at Vitafoods Asia in Bangkok on October 5-7 presenting its latest Bioactive Collagen Peptides solutions for women’s health and customized delivery systems with specific gelatins.

Women’s health in the spotlight

Because our live expectancy is constantly increasing, it is now less about adding years to your live but much more about adding live to your years. Means having a fulfilling live in health and good shape as long as possible is our desire number one.

GELITA provides a portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) helping women in particular to achieve these goals, starting at younger age and going even far beyond menopause which induces a crucial change in their body’s metabolic processes.

VERISOL® leads to long-term improvements of the collagen production in the skin thus catering for more elasticity, less wrinkles and reduced occurrence of cellulite.

FORTIBONE® stimulates the production of the extracellular bone matrix, which is the essential framework in bones. Hence, it supplies the body with the basic components needed for a strong and stable bone structure.

BODYBALANCE® is boosting the effect of resistance training. Clinical studies have shown a significant decrease of fat mass and increase of lean body mass together with an improved muscle strength.

Safeguard sensitive active ingredients to the intestine

Consumers have been ingesting nutrients in soft capsules for decades due to their ease of swallowing and convenience. While for some fills it is important to be released as fast as possible, like analgesics, for other sensitive substances it is crucial they are transported safely through the aggressive stomach environment to be released only in the small intestine. In this way you also can avoid the nagging fishy burps caused by an early release of omega 3 in the stomach.

Instead of applying an acid-insoluble opaque coating to the capsule in a second time and cost-consuming production step, GELITA® EC allows production of crystal clear enteric soft caps in one single step using existing equipment.

Experts on Stage:

Visit the GELITA presentations on the Vitafoods Asia Main Stage:
  • October 5, 14:00:
    „Enteric capsules for entirely new application opportunities”
    Josh Hemelaar, Head of Asia Pacific
  • October 6, 11:30:
    “Beyond beauty, how Bioactive Collagen Peptides make a difference in Women's Health”
    Brittaniee-Jane Lawler, Technical Sales Representative Australia / New Zealand

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