Emerson and CoreTigo Join Forces to Showcase Wireless Floor to Cloud Packaging Solutions at PACK EXPO 2023

Emerson and CoreTigo Join Forces to Showcase Wireless Floor to Cloud Packaging Solutions at PACK EXPO 2023
Emerson and CoreTigo are set to showcase the new era of packaging solutions with industrial wireless automation at the upcoming PACK EXPO, 2023. With CoreTigo's IO-Link Wireless solutions, and Emerson’s revolutionary future of automation technologies, packaging machine builders and manufacturers can now achieve new enhanced capabilities and solve critical challenges for packaging machines in Consumer-Packaged Goods and other challenging fields.

This collaboration allows a combination of never-before-possible degrees of flexibility and agility in packaging machines. Utilizing industrial-grade wireless connectivity specifically tailored for factory automation has given packaging machinery vast capabilities in both control and monitoring, thus unlocking trapped data, and enhancing their production, while achieving these key highlights:

-Reduced Changeover Time: The integration of adaptive packaging machines powered by IO-Link Wireless automation solutions enables seamless transitions between different product and package types. This innovation significantly reduces changeover time, enhancing overall efficiency and minimizing downtime.
-Machine Footprint Reduction: By virtue of its compact and optimized design, the adaptive machine takes up less floor space and requires fewer external equipment and robotics. This streamlined layout contributes to a more efficient and space-effective manufacturing environment.
-Maximum Capacity: The adaptive packaging machine operates at its maximum capacity, ensuring that productivity and throughput are optimized. This capability not only accelerates production but also maximizes return on investment.
-Full Flexibility: Offering unparalleled versatility, the adaptive machine supports multiple product and package types, catering to diverse production requirements. This adaptability allows manufacturers to swiftly respond to changing market demands without compromising efficiency.
-Sustainability: The collaborative efforts of Emerson and CoreTigo result in a more sustainable manufacturing process. With reduced energy consumption, minimized space requirements, and optimized part utilization, the adaptive machine promotes eco-friendly practices and resource efficiency.

PACK EXPO 2023 will take place September 11-13, 2023, where visitors will have the opportunity to view these latest innovations in packaging machinery, as well as meet Emerson and CoreTigo representatives at Emerson’s booth: South Lower Hall, Booth 6107.

To schedule a personal meeting, visit https://www.coretigo.com/coretigo-pack-expo-2023-las-vegas/

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