Software Study: 62 percent consider personalization very important

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Software Study: 62 percent consider personalization very important

Software Study: 62 percent consider personalization very important

Users want flexibility to customize software to their needs

Cupertino, February 4, 2020 – Software personalization pays off! This is the result of a global study by OTRS Group.[1] The majority of those surveyed (62 percent) want software that is tailored to their personal needs when working with customers. In Brazil, as many as 97 percent stated this, in Mexico 72 percent, in Germany 60 percent and in the USA and Singapore 50 percent.

In any case, 89 percent would take the necessary time to adapt software to their needs. The majority of respondents (71 percent) also say that their current helpdesk or CRM solution is personalized enough to make them feel comfortable with it, but they see potential for improvement.

A total of 97 percent believe it is important that their software has the flexibility to be modified and changed to suit their working style. In Brazil, as many as 57 percent of them responded that they consider flexibility to be extremely important .

User experience of the software impacts customer service results

Software user experience plays a major role for most respondents (72 percent). For 24 percent of respondents, software ease-of-use is one of the most important factors leading to a good user experience.

In addition, almost half (49 percent) of respondents worldwide say that it has a major impact on the quality of customer service if the systems that service staff work with are easy to use. Only 3 percent say that the ease of use of the systems has no impact at all on the quality of customer service. User-friendliness of software should not be underestimated: 69 percent say that user-friendliness increases the efficiency of the customer service team. When asked for the most compelling reason to change the settings in their software, 32 percent said they could speed up their work with it.

"It's no surprise that the majority of respondents want personalization in their software. The better a software can be adapted to individual needs, the more efficiently the individual can work with it," comments Christopher Kuhn, COO at OTRS AG about the results. "It is exciting that 71 percent state that their software does not yet fully meet their need for personalization. With OTRS 8, we are meeting this need, because individualization and user-friendliness play a major role in this release."

OTRS 8 will be launched on March 27, 2020.

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