Auction of the winning coffee of Cup of Excellence Brazil takes place on January 12

Auction of the winning coffee of Cup of Excellence Brazil takes place on January 12



The most expected event on the coffee lover's calendar is just around the corner! The auction of the winning specialty coffee of the Cup of Excellence Brazil 2022 (COE) will take place on January 12, on Link . All 24 international coffee winners will be available for purchase, including first place, that went to Antônio de Oliveira Filho, from Fazenda Tijuco, in the region of Piatã -- Bahia, with a score of 91.41 points.


Oliveira Filho’s took top prize with a sample from the Catuaí variety, which was described by judges for its floral aroma and unique flavor of peach, mango, chamomile, lemon and lime with sharp and citric acidity. Second place went to Maridalton Santana, from the Sitio Bonilha farm, also in the region of Piatã -- Bahia in northeast Brazil. The coffee variety that was judged was also Catuaí and scored 90.59 points, and third place went to Afonso Vinhal, from the Recanto Farm, in the city of Serra do Salitre -- Minas Gerais, the score was 90.53, with the Catucaí variety. The Cup of Excellence, is part of the “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” sector project, held by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), and is executed in partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).


Buyers will also be able to see varieties such as Geisha, Bourbon, Catiguá and Arara, with rare exotic flavors and aromas such as floral, passion fruit, blueberry, wild strawberry preserves, brilliant acidity and velvety body, among others, like chocolate, caramel and nuts. Brazil is the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world, there are 34 producing regions, with more than 150 varieties.


All this diversity and quality was noted by the COE judges. “This year really surprised me, we had aroma profiles that were mind blowing, new styles, all the fruits that you can have in a cup, and also fabulous old school classics, with a lot of chocolate, and vanilla. To see that diversity in Brazil, is really astonishing, this development is just really beautiful,” said Raphael Braune, Judge, and co-founder of Supremo Coffee roasting company and Comandante Grinder, from Germany.


This opinion is also shared by Darrin Daniel, ACE’s Executive Director: “Over the years since first coming here as a judge in 2007, up to now, the spectrum of quality and innovation with processing and flavor profiles, and different fermentation processes, has changed a lot, It's a whole new world. And I think Brazil is on the world stage in terms of specialty coffee, and the quality of the coffee that we see here are as good as any coffee that you'll see around the world in the top quality specialty markets.”


COE - Established in 1999, the goal of the Cup of Excellence was to discover new methods to add value to green coffee. In Brazil, for example, the goal is to show to the international market that the country is more than capable of producing high-quality coffee. Over the years, the project has had a huge impact worldwide and has since become an international competition. Indeed, the Cup of Excellence is held in another 11 countries and is used to identify and reward their top specialty coffee farmers. The competition is also used to help develop long-term marketplace relationships, which is critical to the sector's sustainable economic development.


The Auction -- After the first bid, a 3-minute count will be made, if there is a higher bid, this count is restarted, and restarted again until no one bids again within those 3 minutes, and then, the owner of the lot is announced. The vast majority of auction proceeds go to farmers, and in addition, each lot is documented through the entire process so that the coffee can be tracked back to the farm of origin and exact micro-lot. In order to participate in the auction, you must be a member of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), so if you are not yet, hurry up to register on the website.


*Auction will open for bidding on january 12, at:

11 AM (Brazil)

6 AM (Los Angeles)

9 AM (New York)

2 PM (UTC Oslo/ Amsterdam)

5 PM (Moscow)

6 PM (Dubai)

10 PM (Hong Kong)

11 PM (Tokyo/Seoul)

1 AM (Melbourne / Sydney)



Is a sector project, developed by BSCA and Apex-Brasil, focused on the commercial promotion of the Brazilian product on the international market. The objective is to strengthen the image of Brazilian coffee beans worldwide and to position the country as a high-quality supplier, using state-of-the-art technology resulting from research.

The current project has as target markets: i) Canada, United States, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for specialty coffee beans; and ii) Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Portugal and the United States for products from the roasting and grinding industry. The project also aims at exposing the exclusive certification and traceability processes adopted in the national production of specialty coffees, highlighting their social and environmental responsibility and incorporating a competitive advantage to Brazilian products.



BSCA has been internationally recognized as a leader in the production of fine coffees in Brazil since 1991. Its activities are aimed at disseminating and stimulating technical improvement in the production, commercialization, and industrialization of specialty coffees, in addition to promoting environmental preservation and sustainable environmental development through programs, projects and partnerships with public and private, national and foreign entities.

Through partnerships for research, dissemination of quality control techniques and promotion actions, BSCA raises the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffees offered in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, it is an institution in Brazil certifying lots that can be monitored through specialty coffee quality control seals, with full traceability, which is made available by the entity to consumers.



The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) is the official institution responsible for export promotion, foreign investment attraction and internationalizing to Brazilian companies. Created in 1997, it is a non-profit body, of private law, collective interest and public utility. Its mission is to promote exports, the internationalization of Brazilian companies, and foreign direct investment, in support of national public policies and strategies, in order to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Brazilian economy.

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