Citrus Exotics, a burst of taste!

Citrus Exotics, a burst of taste!



Together with their team, Younes and Rachida grow a wide range of amazing, exotic organic citrus fruits in Morocco. Citrus specialties with a burst of taste include Buddha’s Hand, Citrus Caviar,  Yuzu, Sudachi and Kaffir Lime. Taste and smell them to discover the delights of diversity in citrus. 

Citrus Caviar?!
Rachida: ‘Citrus caviar, which is also called micro citrus or finger lime, is a very special citrus fruit. The colour of the skin can vary between dark green to brown red and each fruit contains shiny granules that look like pearls or caviar which have a fresh lime like flavour. What I love most is that the citrus caviar pearls burst in your mouth and deliver an immediate flavour blast.’

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