Matthias Giroud, the maestro of liquid gastronomy Made in France

Matthias Giroud, the maestro of liquid gastronomy Made in France

Worldwide renowned in mixology sector, Matthias Giroud is the world reference of the liquid universe

Following his experience working in top Paris nightclubs, in 2008 he became responsible for bar development for the whole of the George V Eatertainment Group (including the Buddha Bar concept). He developed, opened and operated a dozen different concepts all over the world.

He trained multicultural teams of bartenders in over 32 countries. He became the first French executive bar manager to be ranked among the “World’s 50 Best Bars”, with the Buddha bars in Paris, London, Dubai and Kiev.

Matthias loves to share his passion and, in 2012, he co-authored the Larousse “little library of cocktails”, taking part in a number of culinary events alongside major chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Anne-Sophie Pic, which was a source of inspiration to him.

Matthias Giroud, has infused a new energy into the art of cocktails, re-focusing on pleasure, wellbeing and nature.

The creative act always involves a story and a culture, the very essence of travel. The raw materials are selected from their native lands, such as tea from the mountains of Greece, hay from the Himalayas or herbs from Nepal.

Each creation is inspired by a meeting, a place or a story, which makes it unique and representative of its time and reason for being, meeting the diverse needs of international customers.

In 2016, he founded L’Alchimiste with Mélinda Guérin-White, to offer a new way of enjoying cocktails, in which naturalness and alcohol-free drinks are of primary importance. Through his creations, Matthias seeks to develop new flavor combinations and new techniques to make each experience unique.

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