First Ever Psychedelic Water Selling Out Nationwide

Nationwide Psychedelic Water

First Ever Psychedelic Water Selling Out Nationwide
Making waves on social media and selling out their first production run nationwide is the first legal psychedelic for mild mood-boosting, hangover-free fun: Psychedelic Water. Founder Keith Stein, Director of Marketing Ben Rogul, and CEO Pankaj Gogia are behind the "Summer of Psychedelics" that is a new herbal supplement unlike anything else with its unique mood-boosting experience. These independent thinkers and creative pioneers launched Psychedelic Water to offer a psychoactive, lightly carbonated fruit-forward blend that is a calming mood-enhancer that makes you feel good without messing you up, slowing you down, or leaving you hungover. Psychedelic Water works because of its one-of-a-kind blend developed by the team to find a legal, natural, delicious, and effective combination of ingredients.
First Ever Psychedelic Water Selling Out Nationwide
We would be thrilled to send you your own cans of Psychedelic Water to try for yourself and don't worry, just because it says psychedelic on the can doesn't mean you're in for a face-melting trip, instead expect a gentle tongue-tingling feeling of bliss, including a mood booster and an increase in creativity.
After selling out 3 months of inventory in only 3 weeks of Psychedelic Water on word of mouth alone, as social media organically found and touted its effects, the company has expanded operations. In addition to being now available at, you can now find it on Amazon and later this Summer in stores around the country.
Psychedelic Water is the world's first legal psychedelic blend of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract for an experience like no other.
· KAVA ROOT EXTRACT: As Fiji's national drink, South Pacific islanders have been drinking kava root for generations. Known as a natural source of relaxation, people have used this herb to melt away stress, leaving you with only warm, happy feelings.
· DAMIANA LEAF EXTRACT: This wild shrub has a bit of a raunchy history. It was originally used as an aphrodisiac and thought to increase sexual arousal. Nowadays, it's primarily used for stress and discomfort. No matter what you use it for – it's good.
· GREEN TEA LEAF EXTRACT: This antioxidant-rich, fat-burning power leaf is universally recognized for its health benefits. Green tea also has caffeine, which we use to help balance the effects of kava – and we believe life is all about balance.

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