Amazon Fresh Most Used Delivery Service During Pandemic in US – 29% Regularly Used the Service

Amazon Fresh Delivery Service Pandemic

Amazon Fresh Most Used Delivery Service During Pandemic in US – 29% Regularly Used the Service

Amazon Fresh

As businesses were forced to shut due to lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were faced to you alternative services than normal. According to data presented by Stock Apps, Amazon/Amazon Fresh was the most used delivery service during the pandemic in the US with 29% of respondents in a survey done in August claiming they used the service regularly during the lockdowns.


29% Used Amazon Fresh Regularly While 40% Said They Used it More During Lockdowns

COVID-19 has shifted consumer behaviour significantly since it gripped the world early in 2020. One of the businesses that were shut down in lockdowns were restaurants and consumers were forced to seek alternatives to their usual dining out options. As a result, people turned to food delivery services and Amazon’s Amazon Fresh stood out as the most popular choice among survey respondents with up to 29% saying they used the service regularly.

Meanwhile, 40% of respondents indicated that they used online grocery stores like Amazon Fresh more because of the lockdowns. The survey also indicated the attitudes may have shifted in the long run with 37% of respondents indicating that they plan to use Amazon Fresh more after the pandemic, with 40% saying they will use it the same amount as they did during the pandemic.

Visits to Convenience Stores Drop by 53%

According to the same survey, 53% of consumers indicated that they have visited a convenience store less since the pandemic began. 31% of respondents indicated that they also shop less in grocery stores. The reason for the decrease in convenience stores also varies. 40% said they were trying to consolidate their shopping and making less shopping trips, 38% cited not needing gasoline as often as before,  34% said it was due to not travelling for leisure as much as before, 33%, said it was due to not eating out as much, 29% indicated not feeling safe in convenience stores, and 24% indicated that they chose to shop at an online store instead.

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