Anemocyte to Sponsor Inspirational "Phacilitate:TALKS"

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Anemocyte to Sponsor Inspirational "Phacilitate:TALKS" stage featuring Spark Therapeutics, Dendreon, Genenta and Space Tango

Phacilitate Leaders World, January 22-25, 2019, Miami, Florida
Miami, FL - December 28, 2018 - Phacilitate:TALKS, sponsored by Anemocyte, is a brand new stage at this year's Phacilitate Leaders World, a revolutionary gathering of the advanced therapies community at the Hyatt Regency Miami, January 22-25, 2019. For 15 years, Phacilitate has brought together dynamic leaders with fascinating stories and ideas. This year, Phacilitate:TALKS, sponsored by Anemocyte, will give attendees an opportunity to connect with international leaders in a new, engaging and inspiring format.
Anemocyte, Diamond Partner of the conference, is a leading Biotech Manufacturing Organization (BMO), boosting change and innovation in the field of Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs). Specialties include process development and GMP capabilities (Somatic Cells, Non-Viral Modified Cells, Vesicles); plasmids for Viral Vector Manufacturing; Data Analysis of CGTs and more. In the ongoing life sciences revolution, Anemocyte is a driving force, promoting the transformation of ideas born in the lab into treatments available on the marketplace, to the benefit of patients.
"At industry conferences, the traditional lectern and PowerPoint format doesn't give presenters the opportunity to share the uniquely personal experiences that have led them to where they are today. We wanted to bring these passionate, inspiring stories to the forefront of Phacilitate Leaders World. Anemocyte's enthusiasm, imagination and drive has led to the creation of the Phacilitate:TALKS stage, where storytellers will share lessons to empower our industry to take new strides," said Laura Rae, Phacilitate's Event Manager.
Anemocyte CEO Marco Ferrari says, "Stories are a beautiful and compelling way to inspire change. We're excited to work with Phacilitate on an innovative conference format, sharing stories that will inspire further development in the advanced therapies industry. As Anemocyte is looking to the future, we are listening and sharing ideas to trigger new inspiration."
Impressive and diverse speakers have been selected for the inaugural Phacilitate:TALKS. Examples of confirmed stories include, "Space - the next frontier for 'global' pharma," by Jana Stoudemire, Chief Commercialization Officer, Space Tango; "How to ask strangers for money, and get it," by Pierluigi Paracchi, Co-Founder and CEO, Genenta; "Drawing the future of advanced therapies," by Neil Canavan, Scientific Advisor, Solebury Trout; "Gene therapy drug development, a history of synergies between academia and industry..." by Federico Mingozi, CSO, Spark Therapeutics, who drove the development of multiple first-in-human gene therapy drug candidates for the treatment of inherited disease; "The next chapter starts here, and ends with a cure," by Nicole Gularte, Leukemia survivor and advocate for CAR-T Cell Therapy. Additional TALKS will be announced soon.
Phacilitate Leaders World 2019 is expected to attract 2,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors and 300 speakers representing every major stakeholder group. Registration is now open.
About Phacilitate
Phacilitate believes in the power of partnerships and that through collaboration, anything can be achieved. By fostering the community and bringing together a diverse range of expertise from across the advanced therapies ecosystem, Phacilitate is creating a network of partnerships that brings the industry closer to achieving the ultimate goal of improving patient care and developing commercially viable curative treatments. This is the future of healthcare. Phacilitate unites people through award-winning events, which focus on the business and the science of advanced therapies, creating unforgettable experiences and memories to connect and inspire. Phacilitate Leaders World, Phacilitate Leaders Europe and Phacilitate Leaders Asia are the pillars of the calendar and bring together the entire advanced therapies ecosystem. For more information about Phacilitate, please visit:

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