200GB iCloud storage free for two months

200GB Apple Free iCloud

200GB iCloud storage free for two months, courtesy of Apple

Apple wants you to get ready for your new iPhone. Whichever you will end up buying, once they become official soon. The Cupertino-based company seems to be teaming up with the four big carriers in the US. Apparently, customers who are planning to upgrade their iPhone plans are being recommended to visit a special link.

That special link enables customers to get two free months of 200GB iCloud storage. This would make the upgrade process seamless, as the additional cloud storage allows users to safely back up the entire contents of their phone. Once on the new phone, after signing into iCloud, they are able to restore the backed up data.

Of course, Apple is hoping that they won’t cancel the iCloud storage tear after two months. Not canceling means the subscription will continue at a $2.99 cost per month. Apple is offering 5GB of iCloud storage for free. In case you think that’s enough you can use that for your backups.


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