HACMANS by AMATTE Introduces Sustainable Gastronomic Offering to San Miguel de Allende Restaurant Scene

HACMANS by AMATTE Introduces Sustainable Gastronomic Offeringto San Miguel de Allende Restaurant Scene
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SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico — June 30, 2022 — AMATTE Wellnest Community is the newest lodging proposal in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. With a design that incorporates the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or acceptance of imperfections, each of the spaces in this "nest" was created with how guests will experience it in mind, from the timeless beauty of its architecture to daring corners that fill common areas with sensuality and the comfortable guest rooms. The purpose of the property is to transmit a state of well-being to guests from the moment of their arrival. The facilities have an intrinsic sense of sustainability, being built under the direction of Japanese architect Shinji Miyazaki and using sustainable materials mainly based on chukum, a limestone-based stucco mixed with resin from native Yucatan trees. The property’s HACMANS restaurant has been carefully designed by renowned chef Drew Deckman, who, in addition to being awarded a Michelin star, implements sustainability as the guiding force of all his creations, harmonizing gastronomy with the hotel concept. HACMANS' sustainable farm-to-table menu is completely wood-fired. Their food is a combination of intricately composed plates and elegant rustic dishes; plus, all food is prepared to order, maximizing freshness and allowing diners to customize selections to dietary requirements.  HACMANS is 100% committed to advancing local renewable agriculture, fishing and ranching, from planting, harvesting, transporting, preparing and recycling. With an eye toward sustainability, it obtains a large part of its ingredients from the organic garden located on the hotel terrace. The plot has 300 plants and 80 types of vegetation, including aromatic herbs, fruit trees, tubers and vegetables. With the guidance of Deckman, the restaurant transforms conscientiously chosen ingredients to create unique experiences using the power of nature as its main tool: the wood fire. There, fresh cuts of meat are cooked, as well as vegetarian and vegan creations, to offer a unique gastronomic experience from the terrace, where the main objective is to provide a warm and pleasant service. Some of the unmissable dishes are oysters from Baja California, perfect for the season, as well as the lamb with mashed sweet potatoes and potato cake with cheese, or the classic Amatte Burger, with ribeye, French fries and homemade bread. Another favorite is the 16 oz ribeye Sonora style, with potato mousseline, asparagus and mushrooms. In each of these dishes, diners will notice that cooking with wood makes a difference in the flavor that characterizes HACMANS’ cuisine. At AMATTE Wellnest Community, there is a real effort to be as sustainable as possible and, therefore, bottled water or commercial soft drinks are not offered in any of its consumption centers. In addition, the hotel captures waste water to use in irrigation and recycles plastic, glass and metal waste.For HD Photos Click Here
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