Mintos Launches Mobile App for Investors

Investors Mintos Mobile app

Mintos Launches Mobile App for Investors 
A brand new app is focused on increased service accessibility, enhanced security features and faster insight delivery for investors on Mintos -  making the fastest growing alternative investment solution in Europe even more convenient.

February 20, 2020. In response to the demands of clients and the rapidly growing industry of investing in loans, Mintos is expanding its range of services by launching a mobile application for Android and iOS. Mintos mobile app was developed with a deep focus on the research of existing client approach to investing and the possibilities of the smartphone as an access tool.

Having gone through extensive community consultations with over 3500 mobile app beta version testers - a group of investors on Mintos, the app development focused on enhancing existing features of Mintos service, with added capabilities that would increase investor accessibility, engagement and security. 

Findings during beta testing phase were used to map the must-have priorities and future innovation opportunities. With such prospects, Mintos decided to build the app gradually, launching versions in multiple releases. Current Mintos mobile app version offers a starting base - easy and quick access to investors’ accounts and investment monitoring in a few swipes on their phones. Upcoming mobile app releases will offer additional functionalities adjusted for smartphones, including the majority of investing experience already accessible on the Mintos marketplace. Mintos is working to provide investors’ with essential insights for smart investment decisions via its app.

Marcis Gogis, Mintos Head of Product who led the development of the mobile app, says: “We were pleasantly surprised at how active Mintos investors were in their willingness to participate in testing the app and providing extensive feedback. The strong growth of Mintos is based on the active involvement of the Mintos community of loyal and trusted investors in the development of our products and services.”

Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-Founder of Mintos shared his excitement about the new era of Mintos marketplace accessibility: “At present day, Mintos serves more than 250,000 investors from 91 countries worldwide, and these numbers are increasing rapidly. The primary purpose of the Mintos mobile application is to provide investors with faster and easier access to their accounts. In the future, we believe our mobile application might be the primary access for using our services.”

Martins Sulte adds that while expanding internationally, it is important to accommodate users in countries where mobile app usage is more common than web service access via computer or laptop. The convenience of a mobile app is highly anticipated among the investment in loans marketplace users that to date have invested nearly € 5 billion via Mintos. “Mobile app also gives users the possibility for more comfortable and secure access to their accounts, with a PIN and biometry login,” adds Sulte.

The launch of the mobile app lays the groundwork for other anticipated Mintos services that are currently in the works - IBAN account number and debit cards for Mintos’ investors.

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