Next generation IoT services are developed in Oulu – the new Innovation Center by UROS utilizes Elisa's private 5G network

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Next generation IoT services are developed in Oulu – the new Innovation Center by UROS utilizes Elisa's private 5G network

5G Network

8th April, 2020 - Oulu, Finland. A new generation IoT hub developed by UROS and Qualcomm will open in Oulu, Finland. The Innovation Center is the first facility in Finland to utilize private 5G network in IoT product development and validation. The private 5G network, deployed by Finnish operator Elisa, is already up and running and will serve all IoT ecosystem partners at the Innovation Center.

The forthcoming Innovation Center established by UROS and Qualcomm will be a state-of-the-art facility utilizing IoT products and services from Qualcomm Technologies and Elisa´s 5G mobile network. Allowing various teams to collaborate and work together with UROS in a live environment, the center accelerates IoT technology creation and adaptation for real-world solutions. Elisa´s private network guarantees its users stable network speed and great capacity and provides the new center with perfect conditions for IoT solution development.

The Innovation Center is targeted at start-ups, established companies (OEMs and ODMs) as well as universities as a place to promote IP generation and monetization of solutions with a quick-turn platform offering, focusing on e.g. artificial intelligence (AI), wearables, smart cities, robotics, drones, industrial IoT and automotive.

5G enables new IoT applications

5G technology will take IoT to the next level with the capability to support an extremely high density of IoT devices in a small area, targeting up to a million devices per square kilometre. It will also be able to provide a connection of ultra-low latency and exceptionally high reliability. In addition to massive IoT, 5G will enable mission critical services such as remote controlled automotives and digital healthcare, expected to lead to the next industrial revolution.

“5G connectivity is a vital enabler for industry digitalisation with Cellular IoT. Elisa has been an excellent partner for the deployment of the new private 5G network at the Innovation Center, well on schedule and with the desired performance. With this added premium functionality, we strive to offer the best-in-class innovation environment for the stakeholders in our IoT ecosystem”, says Rauno Jokelainen, CTO of UROS Group.

“Elisa is very excited about this collaboration with UROS in the brand new field of 5G. We get very valuable experiences on the usage of 5G technologies also for private networks and massive IoT”, says Eetu Prieur, Director of Elisa’s Mobile Solutions.

The Innovation Center will be inaugurated later in 2020. In addition to private networks, Elisa is continuing to build the national 5G mobile network with great speed. Elisa´s 5G network has already been opened in 17 cities all across Finland, Rauma being the latest addition to the Elisa 5G family.

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