The Next Big Thing in Smart Home Gadgets is Here

Smart Home Gadgets The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing in Smart Home Gadgets is Here

Habitat’s H1 Humidifier

The Los Angeles Times reported that a third of Americans purchased a smart home gadget during the 2017 holiday season. Industry experts expect that number to rise in 2018. Habitat is releasing the next important smart home device with its H1 Humidifier.

Habitat’s H1 Humidifier combined the efforts of top industry experts to create a product that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Its introduction represents cutting-edge humidifier and environment technology coupled with world-class humidification performance.

Sam Bradley, Director of Products for Habitat, explains the innovation behind H1 saying, “The H1 offers the most output of any humidifier in its class, is designed to be the most efficient humidifier for its size and has more than 1,000 different features that smart gadget enthusiasts are sure to love.”

Unlike any other humidifier on the market, Habitat allows users to know and understand exactly how fresh the water in the humidifier is through hardware solutions. The Habitat app shows the freshness of the water in the tank and will alert the user when it’s time to clean their device. This technology allows homeowners to provide their families with the very best in humidifier health benefits.  In addition, the Habitat ecosystem allows you to link multiple habitats together to control as a group or a zone.  Smart mode helps the user achieve their perfect humidity every time and turns off when targets are achieved.

According to Bradley:

  • The Habitat H1 app allows users to control the humidity level in their homes from anywhere on their smartphone device or tablet.
  • The Habitat H1 syncs with Alexa and Google
  • Habitat’s exclusive app not only shows the current humidity range but shows how long a room will take to reach the desired humidity level.
  • The  Habitat app tells the user how much runtime the humidifier has left until empty.

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