Costa Rica Unlocks Intimacy Wellness with ESCAPE

Costa Rica Unlocks Intimacy Wellness with ESCAPE

Couples are looking for intentional and creative ways to reconnect and rebuild after trying times. Research shows 72% of couples believe travel inspires romance and 40% say intimacy is permanently better after travel.

To help facilitate reconnection, Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa in Costa Rica partnered with Harvard Psychologist Dr. Natalie Dattilo to launch the ESCAPE® to Tabacón campaign, a therapist-approved vacation that facilitates a mind-body holistic experience for couples to renew their love.

The ESCAPE® travel package for two uses science-based psychology and the natural environment to guide couples to engage their bodies and minds to kindle romantic passion. The 5-day package includes unique sensory, emotional, and physical experiences proven to increase relaxation, ease mental distress, and improve connection through play and gratitude. 

Connect with your partner through each element of the ESCAPE® to Tabacón package:

  • EXERCISE: Adventure tours allow couples to get out of their comfort zones and move their bodies in new and creative ways, which can lead to strengthened bonds. Choose from horseback riding, waterfall hike, canopy adventure or white-water rafting.
  • SLEEP: Sleep challenges can impact the brain’s ability to consolidate and remember positive experiences, leading to increased distress for couples. Nightly turndown service includes pillow spray and essential oils to promote healthy sleep.
  • CONNECT: One private yoga experience & an original Tabacón binaural beats soundtrack allows couples to slow down and meditate on their time together.
  • APPRECIATE: Tabacón’s plant a tree program allows couples to appreciate their surroundings and be grateful for what they’ve grown together.
  • PLAY: Play is foundational for any romantic relationship; novelty activates our reward system and releases mood-enhancing endorphins that also spark creativity, improving union and connection.
    • Cook and create in a Pura Vida culinary class
    • Splash and soak in unlimited access to Tabacón’s award-winning natural hot springs
    • Explore with a complimentary access to Shangri-La Gardens (adults only!)
  • EXHALE: At Tabacón’s world-renown spa, couples can relax with an Emotional Massage followed by relaxing balneotherapy for two. The benefits of bathing together include more harmonious communication, sensuality, and calm.

Pricing starts at $2,195 based on double occupancy. Please let us know if you have questions or would like further insights on intimacy wellness and the power of travel for relationships from Dr. Natalie. Thank you for your consideration.

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