The Airport that Focuses on Exceptional Customer Experiences

The Airport that Focuses on Exceptional Customer Experiences

In a time when air travel has been in the spotlight when it comes to unruly passenger conduct, long security lines, and delayed or canceled flights that ultimately leave travelers dreading their next vacation, the Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is taking a unique and personal approach to enhancing the travel experience at their airport.  

DAB consistently takes the time to ensure air travelers have the best experience possible when flying through their airport. Some of their customer service initiatives include:

  • DAB Mailback Program: If a passenger forgets something or loses something at the airport, the DAB customer experience team mails the item back to the passenger once they've reached their final destination.

  • Plush Pups for Young Travelers: DAB partnered with the Volusia Sheriff's Office to create plus pups in the likeness of the real working dogs that patrol the airport to hand out to young travelers before they takeoff.

  • Complimentary Postcards: Most recently, DAB brought back the nostalgia of sending postcards during and after a memorable trip by having complimentary postcards and a postcard box in the concourse where passengers can drop their cards to be later stamped and mailed by the airport staff.

Since the airport's terminal renovation project was completed more than a year ago, passengers also enjoy a number of amenities including a private mother's feeding room and a public library offering complimentary books, e-books, and audiobooks. 

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